PT. Mitra Sanitari Indonesia


Pest Management Service

PT. Mitra Sanitari Indonesia is a national company operating in the sector of Sanitary & Hygiene comprising the services for Pest & Termite Service Control, Sanitary & Hygiene Management and Chemical Cleaning.

Holders of permits distribution and chemical applications of PT. Bayer Indonesia (Bayer CropScience) with registration number: 010 350 912

Expert & Management


Company's Vision

Our Vision: providing world class services to realize Indonesia clean and healthy refers to the company’s tag line:

"going Green with us..."

Our Mission: To build a cooperation in partnership concept which integrated with our customer.

Our teams are experts equipped by proper Certification from top level until the operator level, having broad experiences in chemicals fields and application to pest control. That is possible for PT. Mitra Sanitari Indonesia to give the best solution to meet the needs of industry, company and individually


Management Team of PT. Mitra Sanitari Indonesia has experienced in pest control business since 2007, and in 2011 the new brand of Power CHEMS Indonesia under PT. Mitra Sanitari Indonesia are established. It continuously grows to be better company by increasing customers’ trust and expanding cooperation network with various parties either from business society, individual as well as associations throughout Indonesia.

Hotline. +62 812 9862 9911